Why doesn't Shlaes have a C?  As in Schlaes, the number one misspelling?

Actually, it was a moot point for the first two generations.  It was written in Yiddish, which is basically German written in Hebrew characters.  When the family reached our shores, in the form of Micha Shlaes, the Ellis Island clerks asked the name, and wrote what they heard. 

According to my father, in Hebrew and Yiddish the "sh" sound is fully represented in one letter, so Yiddishisms are fully represented without a c.

That's why Slesh, Shless, and Schlitz are also in our family tree.  Glad you asked?

So technically, even Shlase is correct.  That's how we appear in my cousin's web site at http://www.justkidding.com - Check it out.

At Shlaes & Co., we kept a list of popular misspellings as they came in.  We stopped at 100.  Here are a choice few.

bulletS.H.L.A.E.S.  (This person thought it HAD to be an acronym)
bulletFlaef (as in Jazed Flaef, who got a preapproved Montgomery Ward's card.)

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