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This page is for all those things that make life a little better. 

bulletGet REAL wasabi (not that green goop they have in the sushi place) at
bulletThe Kansas City Eating Guide
bulletPuerto Vallarta, without all the Gringos.
bulletMatt Terl's SUSHI PAPER - Matt wrote an online article that was mentioned in a newsgroup years ago.  It settles any questions you might have about fingers, wasabe, soy sauce, and lingo.
bulletThe astonishing Recipe Section - Learn how we make chocolate chip cookies at our house.
bulletThe Dessert Circus, with Jacques Torres - This show is great.  We were watching Madeline with the kids, and paused for a bathroom break.  Nobody wanted to turn the movie back on.  We learned how to make raspberry souffle.  (A fabulous success, we had it at new years' eve) and everyone loved his accent.
bulletAlso check out epicurious, which includes worlds of recipes.  We stole our wild rice pancake recipe from here.  These were a great substitute for blinis, and would pass for latkes, without all the fat.  Yum.  Try 'em under smoked salmon.


Last updated 10/11/03