OK, I got a film scanner, and I'm still playing with it.  Here are some preliminary results.

Light Paint.gif (259956 bytes)

A light painting experiment with John Ferraro, 1985.  Polaroid black and white slide film.

Fish Story.jpg (311471 bytes)

A Fish I caught, Costa Careyes, 1990 or so.  If you're curious, it was a Dorado, and it nearly killed me.

Piper Cub 2.jpg (147491 bytes)

The ongoing construction project, Maine, 1999 (first flights 1999 - actually a 2-year project)

Isla Guanita.jpg (31192 bytes)

Careyes, 1990

quisp.jpg (94961 bytes)

And you wondered why I care so much about Quisp?  1969, taken by Jared Shlaes

 Beer Sign Museum - My room as it appeared in 1979.   36 Electrical Outlets.