The Museum

Operated from 1977 to 1984, the Shlaes Beer Sign Museum was located in Long Grove, Illinois.  It was equipped with a total of 36 electrical outlets, and accounted for more than half the home's electrical consumption.  Four neon signs came from a bar called The Mirage, which had been operated by the Better Government Association as a sting operation for corrupt inspectors. 

Many of its signs are displayed once a year in an exhibition known as the Beer Swap Meet, or Fiesta Cerveza.  This is by invitation only.

The Corvette billboard on the ceiling was from an ad for the 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette.  The ad read "For $16.95 you can have the billboard, but for $16,950 you can have the car."  Guess which I chose.

This pinhole picture was taken with a blue Partridge Family lunchbox camera, shot on sheet film that I got from Bob M., and contact printed to Ilford paper.  I tinted it with Kai's Photo Soap.  (A software package, not a dye.)

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