This is Miss Trixy - a 1958 MGA with 67000 miles.  Acquired in near-running condition, and gradually being brought the rest of the way there.


June 13 Acquired, towed home

June 17 - Bought a crank on e-bay.  Silly, and I'd break my wrist if I tried to use it - but there's a bracket in the trunk for it.  Gotta fill the bracket.

June 20 - replaced battery, rewired fuel pump and rebuilt points in fuel pump.  IT STARTS!  Oliver and I ran it around the block - but it still needs the master cylinder rebuilt - It can't fully release the clutch and there's very little brake.  Tachometer doesn't work, gas gauge is way off.  Other electrics seem very good.  Other notes - It's already been converted to negative ground.  One less task!

July 2 - It's RUNNING!  Replaced master cylinder, installed, reinstalled, tightened, reinstalled, bled and bled and bled the clutch - and it's FINE!  (Though somewhere in there I moved something and now the windshield wipers won't stop.)  Drove it to dinner and the movies.  Tomorrow, electrical gremlins.

July 3 - Rewired windshield wipers, license plate light.  Getting into the brake light thing.

July 9 - 100 mile trip - after new tires.  Runs great, a little rattly at highway speeds.  But the heat sticks on sometimes, gotta fix that or we'll dry up! 


It's interesting working from a British shop manual.  Though there were infinitely many more left-hand-drive versions of the car sold, the manuals are all right-hand drive - so the master cylinder is on the wrong side, etc. 


bulletMove the battery back into the car, in the right battery box.  This in-the-trunk stuff takes up too much space.
bulletFix the tach, or get it rebuilt
bulletTires, fluids etc. all around
bulletSeat belts
bulletShake it down properly, and learn what other surprises are in store.

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