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This isn't the whole manual, just a few key elements that you really need.  For example, you don't really need to know what the speedometer does, but adjusting the brakes and clutch might be nice.

If you want the whole shop manual, try our sister group at

Key facts from the shop manual

Float Level 10.7mm
Pilot Screw setting '80 2 turns out '81 2.5 turns out from all the way in
Oil Capacity 0.7 liter after disassembly, 0.6 after draining
Valve Clearance (For '81 and '82 models) Intake - 0.05 mm (0.002 in)
Exhaust - 0.05 mm (0.002 in)
Front 2.25-17-4PR (Kenda makes one)
Rear 2.50-17-6PR (Bridgestone makes one)
Point Gap  
Ignition Timing "F" Mark  
Full Advance  
Generator Capacity  
Battery Capacity  
Spark Plug (Normal Climate) NGK C7HS (CR7HS) gapped to .6-.7mm  (.024-.028 inches)
Fuse capacity 10A
Headlight Honda part 15/15W
Tail/Stop 5.3/25w 3/32cp
Turn Signal 17W 21cp SAE #1129
Speedo, other dial lights 1.7w SAE #51

Selected pages from the 1982 owner's manual

Clutch Adjustment
Front Brake Adjustment (1) (2)
Rear Brake Adjustment
Checking Oil Level
Oil recommendations
Maintenance Schedule (1) (2)
What's in the Toolkit?
Left Side
Right Side
1981 (6 volt) Electrical Diagrams - (1) (2) - You're gonna have to paste them together
1982 (12 volt) Electrical Diagram (one page only)
NEW! Carburetor diagram!
Aww, show me all of 'em - I'm gonna print it.  (Big page)