Non-quirky Flicks!

Remember who's writing here.  This is a relative index.

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02.jpg (4460 bytes)The Icicle Thief

This is the film for everybody that's seen way too much Italian film.   Directed by Maurizio Nichetti (of course) - but the sleeper credit is the music, by Manuel De Sica.  Yes, he's Vittorio's son. 

078062162X.01.MZZZZZZZ.gif (10203 bytes)The Sweet Hereafter

Hard to explain, but this terribly sad story is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.  The aftermath of an accident that affects most of the families in a rural Canadian town.  There were so many lesser things this film could have been, but what emerged was very special - go to the store, and rent it.

Oscar BoxOscar

A drawing-room comedy featuring Sylvester Stallone.  Yes, Sly Stallone.  Snaps Provolone is a gangster who's decided to go straight.  Fate conspires against him in all his efforts.  A nice showing by Marisa Tomei as his daughter.  Don't miss the Finnuchi Brothers either.

Stallone later stopped making nonviolent nonthrillers because, he said, it wasn't as financially rewarding as the work he's famous for.  Personally, I think it's because he wanted people to forget all about Stop or My Mom Will Shoot.

Telling Lies in America

An added bonus - it gives you direct links from Kevin Bacon to Brad Renfro and Maximillian Schell!




A cast of three, a house.  Not much else.  But the three are Albert Finney, Matthew Modine, and Kevin Anderson.  An amazing performance.  This will really clear your palate after a few weeks of high-budget blockbusters.



Chasing Amy

An oddball romance, as opposed to a screwball comedy.  With Jay and Silent Bob.  Fave Quote - Jay - "Why the long face, Horace?" Holden - "Just having a little girl trouble."  Jay - "Pressin' charges?  I get that a lot."



Flirting With Disaster

If you were trying to figure out the genealogy thing, this might just dissuade you.  But the flash from Mary Tyler Moore might make you queasy, might make you laugh.  Does anybody else out there thing Ben Stiller looks like a cross between David Yufit and Mark Siegel? Anyhow, this is far from your basic road movie, and I don't know that it really fits in the "non-quirky" section.  Besides, it's nice to know that somebody else noticed the White Taurus thing.  

In the Company of Men

Not a date flick.  Frankly, I'd be more comfortable at Chasing Amy or Bound - this one was a real squirmer, but it'll give you plenty to think about.  I sometimes wonder what firm the two protagonists work for.

The Hudsucker Proxy

Another film-lover's movie.  How many times have these guys seen Citizen Kane?   This is the unknown Coen Brothers movie.  Don't worry about the plot, relax and enjoy Tim Robbins, great sets, even better cinematography, and a real sense of humor.   A Joe Walsh recommendation.