They Might Be Giants - The funnest, funniest band I've heard in a while.  Catch one of their kids' shows if you can.  Check out Dial-a-song

Shirley King - Daughter of the Blues

California Guitar Trio - See these guys, as soon as you can!

JR and the Mudcats - an old friend with a new groove.  Check out his album, The Bluefish Manifesto

Junior Mack - A great blues player, saw him at Terra Blues in Manhattan.  No albums yet, but I'm waiting.

Peter Finger - the peak of the finger-style school of guitar.

Jeff Beal - the guy who does the music on Monk - which, by the way, is written by my favorite terrible singer Andy Breckman

The  Austin Lounge Lizards Less reverent than Spike Jones, but more punctual than George

The  Midnight Special - A great radio show, with link-loaded playlists.

Southern Culture on the Skids - Sort of a Post-B-52s party band.  Check out House of Bamboo

Where I get those Steve Goodman Lyrics

Christine Lavin - My favorite LIVING folksinger - This is the woman who brought you "Doris and Edwin - The Movie"   Christine has a new album, released only through the web - check it out!!

Stan Rogers. - The guy who wrote White Squall, the song Gordon Lightfoot was trying to write when he wrote The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

David Wilcox - Like discovering a bunch of your favorite music that, for some reason, you don't remember! We saw him in concert in Wheaton last week, and he was terrific.  Much raunchier, and surprisingly so since we saw him at Pierce Chapel on the squeaky-clean campus of Wheaton College.  For a taste, check out his album "East Asheville Hardware"

Chris Smither - the single most amazing guitarist I've ever heard. And it's Blue!