When we're on the road, I look for old postcards of Chicago in Antique shops.  At home, they're too expensive.

Here are a selected few, showing a Chicago you can't see any more. 

More to come, if I can find my Garfield Goose postcard.

Here's another site I found (actually found me) with nationwide postcards!

The County Building - Without City Hall!

County_Bldg.jpg (145426 bytes)

McCormick Place, the first time around, circa 1962

McCormick.jpg (105167 bytes)

Grand Park Bandshell, before it was renamed and rebuilt.

Bandshell.jpg (78260 bytes)

Navy Pier, 1935.  Look at the el tracks going in!

navypier.jpg (101347 bytes)

The Old Northwestern Station, before Jahn and Tishman got to it.   Circa 1923

NW_Station.jpg (80297 bytes)

"Cocktails in the Clouds" at the Stouffer "Top of the Rock" Prudential Building Lounge

Pru_Observatory.jpg (132344 bytes)

Union Stockyards El Station

Stockyards.jpg (88204 bytes)