Green Model USA Jenny

I've flown this for about 6 months now.  Ordered it with the servos, speed control and motor from Green Model, and they're all fine, except that I'd replace the prop with an APC 9 x 6 E so it doesn't break on every landing. 

A few construction hints -

The screws that come with the prop mount are not long enough - I had to countersink the prop mount to make them fit.

Likewise, I had to countersink the motor mount to fit the screws in the back.  Just use a 1/4" bit and go slow.

Last, VERY IMPORTANT - if you mount the springs on the control lines as they come in the kit, they can slide off!!  (I wrecked once when one of the elevator lines failed.)  Take a pliers and twist an extra loop in the lines so that they can't slide off (the one on the left is correct.)